man gets nelson mandela tattooed on his leg

A man from Yorkshire has paid tribute to Nelson Mandela by tattooing the anti-apartheid icon’s face onto his thigh. Nelson Mandela died on 5 December at the age of 95.

Gareth Smith saw an advert for a ‘free Nelson Mandela tattoo’ on Facebook, and decided that there would be no better face to get on his body than Mandela’s.

man gets nelson mandela tattoo

Tattoo artist Chris Moss made the offer saying he was inspired after watching TV tributes for the late icon.

I am a spiritual man and I was compelled to do it. When I decided to do it, I said a prayer and I searched on the computer for ‘iconic images of Nelson Mandela’. I looked through three pages of images and then this one knocked me out.

It took Chris three hours to ink the design onto Gareth’s body.

Now I love Nelson Mandela too, but getting a tattoo on my thigh? I think not.