No matter how bad you think your life is at the moment, there’s always somebody whose life is worse. Much worse.

Here’s ten people we wouldn’t want to be right now.

1. Amanda Knox


Amanda was found guilty of murdering British student Meredith Kercher this week, and has been sentenced to 28 years in prison.

2. Lee Ryan


We’re sure he still doesn’t know who he’s in love with. Not that it matters. Everyone thinks he’s a wanker anyway!

3. The girl who booked a flight to London to see Fat Joe, Twista and Ja Rule at Musicalize.

It was cancelled a day before the first show.

4. Tulisatulisas-lips-plastic-surgery

Not now. Not ever. Her lips look painful and that court date is getting closer and closer.

5. Anyone who had to watch Helen Mirren twerking


This needs to stop.

6. White Dee from Benefits Street


She can say bye-bye to all her benefits this year.

7. Masood from Eastenders


Why can’t they just give him a nice storyline? Why does his life always have to be falling apart?

8. Emmanuel Frimpong


Lethal Bizzle’s cousin, got transferred from ARSENAL to BARNSLEY. BARNSLEY!? Well, I guess that’s what happens when you stay screaming ‘DENCH’.

9. Rita Ora

She’s currently homeless and I don’t remember the last song she released. Is she still a singer?

10. Everyone with a TV.


As if TV wasn’t bad enough, there will be three series of TOWIE on our screens this year. The 11th series will return in February, series 12 in the summer and series 13 following in the autumn.