Yesterday night a video of a man and a woman leaked online. But It wasn’t just any video. It showed two horny individuals engaged in a sex act. In public.

There are a number of rumours flying around the net about the two. One is that the unlucky guy has lost his job. Now, we don’t know whether this is true or not, but just in case it is, we’ve prepared a list of all the possible things he could now that he’s career is over.

1. Find Kony. Join him and never look back. kony

2. Release a Tom Daley style video, explaining his actions. Hopefully it’ll all make sense. 


3. Go on CLUK. We’re sure they’re looking for people who are down for whatever. 

chanelle roundi topless clublife reality show 2013

4. Take up Jammer’s offer.

5. Get Hold of the guy in Breaking Bad, who can make people vanish.


6. Be a man and tell everyone to f*ck off. 


7. Embark on a porn career. I mean if you’ve got the skills… 


8. Pay someone to release an even more shocking video, so they forget about yours.

9. Capitalise on the 15 minutes of fame. Print T-shirts with your name on it, make badges. Change the world!t-shirt-guy-oral-sex-stairs

10. Umm, plastic surgery. Like now.