Bashy and Jean Paul Gaultier smile for a photo together in Paris

Bashy is one of the many celebrities who have headed down to Paris to enjoy the capital city’s fashion week.

The Make My Day rapper told his followers that he had been invited to a private dinner last week, with a number of honorary guests, including Will Smith and Jean Paul Gaultier. Now, he didn’t want people to think he was ‘stunting’, he just wanted to show us how much better than ours, his life is at the moment.


Bashy shows his fans the invite

He took to Instagram to say:

I rarely put up stuff like this cos I don’t want it to come across as stunting, that’s not cool. This is about inspiration.

I was invited to a dinner in Paris, prepared by Chef Thierry Marx, at The Mandarin Oriental for just 10 people. I’ll tell you about two in particular. The first one, I used to steal my Dad’s aftershave when I was younger cos I couldn’t afford it myself, I just loved the fragrance.

Last night I met the artiste behind it, Jean Paul Gaultier. The second one is probably one of my biggest inspirations in life. Will Smith. This is for anyone trying to get somewhere in life, you want something, visualise it & it will become reality.

I feel blessed.


And not only was he invited to dine with the rich and famous, he also met supermodel Joan Smalls, who recently starred in some of Beyonce’s new videos. Which basically means he met Beyonce.


He was snapped visiting a Christian Louboutin store with Will, who tried on a number of shoes, on Saturday.

We hope you bought us something Bashy!