British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin MEP, has been declared bankrupt. But despite his lack of funds, the controversial figure has said he will continue to run for re-election in May.

And not only is he attempting to stand as an MEP again, but he’s writing a booklet about dealing with debt. Because we all want to hear what a bankrupt guy has to say about managing his money…

A statement on the BNP website said the bankruptcy petition was presented for judgment by Nick Griffin’s former solicitors.

It said that the 54-year-old had applied for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement offering to pay 42p in the pound over five years to all his creditors. His offer was rejected by the petitioning creditor, who said they would not accept any kind of deal under any circumstances.

Nick Griffin joins a number of famous faces who have been declared bankrupt this year. From N-Dubz rapper Fazer, to presenter Miquita Oliver and Kerry Katona.

Mr Griffin will be automatically discharged from bankruptcy on 2 January 2015, in accordance with the Insolvency Act. And if he’s really struggling to get the funds together, he can always ask to be a last minute addition to Celebrity Big Brother…