CCTV footage of Naomi Oni being followed by her veiled attacker on the night of the acid attack that left her permanently disfigured has been released.


This CCTV image shows Naomi (right) and accused attacker – believed to be Mary Konye – close behind

Naomi’s attacker followed her on 30 December 2012 as she made her way home from finishing a shift at Victoria’s Secret in Westfield Stratford City. Sulphuric acid was thrown over the 21-year-old as she reached her street of Lodge Avenue in Dagenham.


The CCTV footage shows the veiled attacker following Naomi through Stratford station.

Naomi’s former friend Mary Konye stands trial accused of the attack, with the main motive being jealousy over the victim’s good looks caused by an argument between the two girls.

Naomi and Mary had been friends since secondary school, but fell out in April 2011 when Naomi allegedly accused Mary of messaging her boyfriend and called her an “ugly monster.”

Mary reportedly replied by calling her former friend a “slag” and a “ho.” They made up later on in the year.

After the attack Mary pretended to be concerned about Naomi’s well-being, sending the victim a message while she was in hospital receiving treatment, saying: “OMG, can’t believe it.”

Today, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Konye taunted Naomi following the attack and compared her to Nightmare on Elm Street character Freddy Krueger.

The trial continues.