Nope, not for his bedroom and hot tub antics. Instead, N-Dubz’ Dappy has been given an official warning by Big Brother after he made an anti-gay comment.

In a conversation with Jasmine Waltz which got a little x-rated (of course), the actress asked Dappy if he had the ability to give himself a blow job. Dappy replied saying “do I look bent?”

He was then called into the Diary Room by Big Brother where he was given a telling off for his potentially offensive statement and told that his language went against Big Brother’s rules, with Dappy later confessing that this was the third time that his use of language has got him in trouble during the reality show.

Dappy isn’t the only housemate who’s been told off for offensive anti-gay comments in the three days that the show has been running; on Sunday night Evander Holyfield was also seen being given a warning after in a conversation with Luisa, he told her that being gay wasn’t “normal” and compared to having a handicap.

Let’s hope this doesn’t affect Dappy’s new friendships with bisexual housemates Blue’s Lee Ryan and Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke.