After a much talked about first episode, Clublife UK is back with even more drama.

And while we’ve been sticking to our New Year’s Resolutions and making sure we don’t end up like Dominic Celaire, the CLUK lot have been up to no good. And luckily for us, all their bad behaviour has been caught on camera.


In the second episode of the reality show, Moonlight takes a much needed break to Miami, where he spends more time watching women sliding down poles than thinking about the mess of a relationship he left back home in the UK.


Moonlight heads to a Miami strip club over the New Year period


Not a typical workout one would expect to see in a gym…

And he’s not the only one with girlfriend problems, Trey Songz lookalike Nathan is forced to make a decision between two women he can’t seem to get enough of- his Austrian, and very curvy girlfriend Linda and Miss-Steal-Your-Man Nimz.


We’re also introduced to stunning brunette LJ, who, like the other girls in the show, just can’t seem to behave herself.


As usual tears are shed, feelings are hurt and there’s plenty of confrontation to keep you entertained.


The second episode of CLUK will air this Friday on Pappzd XTRA. And if you missed the first one you can watch it here.