2013 New York Film Critics Circle Awards

Film critic Armond White has been banned from the New York Critics Circle after he heckled 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen, at the organisation’s annual awards ceremony last week.


Armond called Steve an “embarrassing doorman and garbage man”, while the British director went on stage to collect the award for Best Director.

Although the controversial critic has denied publicly ridiculing the filmmaker, he was voted out by his peers on 13 January. Armond has made his views for the film very clear, calling it “torture porn” in a scathing review released last month.

Clearly unhappy at being kicked out of the club, he responded by calling the Circle “lousy critics and worse human beings” adding:

I am relieved of their horrific company.The current New York Film Critics Circle has now revealed to the world its deep-seated ugliness, ingratitude and inferiority.

12 Years a Slave picked up the prize for Best Picture Drama at the Golden Globes on Sunday.