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Dappy might want to rethink who he’s rubbing his penis on, after a mugshot of his Celebrtiy Big brother love interest Jasmine Waltz hit the net.

Celebrities enter the Big Brother house 2014

Jasmine was arrested in 2000 for drug possession and is pictured in a mugshot looking like a warning advert to keep young kids away from drugs.


The 31-year-old, who is apparently actually 34, looks unrecognisable with greasy hair, badly drawn on eyebrows and a look on her face that says ” I need to get my life together”.

She was charged with a first degree misdemeanour for possession of less than 20 grams of the drug, given two days in jail and fined $458.


Dappy and Jasmine grew close in the house after he got super cosy with the American model underneath the bed sheets. She has since moved on to Blue singer Lee Ryan, and we reckon Evander will be next.

Jasmine famously slept with actor David Arquette after he split with wife Courteney Cox, she is also known for punching Lindsay Lohan in a cat fight.

We reckon Dappy should keep away. This one looks like trouble.