It’s only the second day in the Celebrity Big Brother house but Dappy was seen trying his hardest to turn on the charm and impress fellow housemate actress and husband stealer Jasmine Waltz.


Following a discussion with Made in Chelsea’s Ollie about the size of Dappy’s manhood in his leaked naked picture, the No Regrets star tried to convince the everyone, including Jasmine, that his impressive member was in its “relaxed” state.

… Sureee….

Later whilst in bed with the pretty American and telling her what a “tight little ass” she had, the N-Dubz rapper was seen rubbing himself between the legs to excite himself before pressing himself up against Jasmine and saying “told you, no semi, oh yeah”.


Dappy trying to wake up his little man

With the unedited version of their bedroom session deemed to hot for TV, Jasmine reprtedly told Dappy, “If I opened my mouth as wide as I could, I would still not fit your giant cock in it”.

Alrighty then.

Clearly none of them are shy and don’t care that they’re being filmed. How long do we want to bet until they get it on? Will they be the first celeb ‘couple’ to have sex in the house?