Those of you watching Celebrity Big Brother, will have noticed how horny Dappy is. And seeing that Luisa is a self confessed sex addict, it makes sense that the two would engage in some x-rated activities.

Dappy and Luisa got very comfortable with one another in the shower, after getting drunk and deciding it was time to strip off.


The fun started after Lionel was evicted and the housemates had a little party. Luisa and Dappy got drunk and decided to put on a sex show for the rest of the celebs in the garden pool.


And as if that wasn’t enough to make Dappy’s baby mama throw her TV out of the window, The pair stripped off, got into the shower and started stimulating sex.


Luisa was first into the shower, warming up after jumping into the swimming pool outside. And Dappy thought it would be acceptable to wave his not so little friend around, underneath a towel, with all the cameras watching.


When Luisa spotted Dappy’s third leg she invited him to join her, and lets just say it got a little bit NSFW.


Dappy commented on the size of the Apprentice star’s chest and the celeb couple continued to get nasty behind the shower doors. The N-Dubz star then told Luisa that he didn’t want them to be the first people to have sex in the house, which basically means “lets be the first people to have sex in the house”.

Luisa politely informed him that they weren’t having sex, before telling him to turn around. Then some strange noises started coming out of the shower. Noises one would expect to hear from a snuff movie. Or from a woman with Dappy inside her…

A number of viewers questioned whether the two were having sex:


What do you guys think? Were they really pretending or did something go down behind those shower doors?

You can watch the video on Pappzd XTRA here.