Another day, another Dappy sex story.

The 26-year-old, who’s been getting loose ever since he realised he was surrounded by up-for-it attractive females in the Big Brother house, found himself in the hot tub with Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz for company.

4139 2.jpg

In a game of Truth or Dare, the three celebrity housemates used the opportunity to get their hands (and mouths) all over each other as nipples were sucked, breasts were motorboated and lesbian kisses were shared.


Unfortunately for Dappy though, he wasn’t as lucky as he probably liked to have been as he had to settle from a kiss with a rubber duck and got his nipples sucked by Luisa – and we all know he would’ve preferred Jasmine, especially after their bedtime rendezvous the night before where Dappy poked the actress with his penis.


All was not lost however, as he managed to get a front row seat to the lezz fest between the bisexual self-confessed sex freak Luisa and the carefree Jasmine. He also got the chance to stick his head between Jasmine’s tits as he motorboated her.


Anyone would think they didn’t have careers and reputations to keep once they left!