We’ve already witnessed Dappy get hot and heavy with Jasmine as he poked her with his penis on the second day of knowing her.

And according to a friend of Dappy’s, there’ll be more to come as the No Regrets star had no plans on holding back when it came to the ladies in the Celebrity Big Brother house with intentions on sleeping with whoever took his fancy.

His friend revealed to the Sun that before Dappy went into the house he had said:

I’m a bad boy and when bad boys are put in a situation with nice girls things can happen.

I’m a red-blooded man and there will be no stopping me. I might end up with a woman at the end if I’m lucky.

Well so far you haven’t been lucky. The closest you’ve got to sex is a kiss off of a rubber duck and Lee seems to have swooped in and taken your girl!

Adding to his sex plan, his friend said:

He just wants to bed as many girls as he can and make sure no one in Britain forgets who he is.

Well, Lee’s giving him some stiff competition with his current love triangle. Dappy needs to get back on track and step his game up. Fast.