Popular YouTube star Don’t Jealous Me, aka T-Boy, will star in a new comedy show on London Live.

After years of entertaining us through laptop screens, our dreams have finally come true and we’ll be able to sit down on the sofa, with all the family together, and literally wet our pants with laughter watching The T-Boy Show.

The sitcom comes from MTA Productions, the company behind Meet The Adebanjos, and follows Tolu, a rich Nigerian boy who comes to live with his cousin and aunt in London.

London Live announced a number of exciting programmes that will feature during their 11pm- midnight entertainment zone, Raw. Popular YouTube hits such as GRM Daily’s Car Check, webseries Brothers With No Game and Steffi, are some of the new shows about to take over your life.

Those of you who’ve been watching T-boy since his headphone-wearing, get-so-close-to-the-camera-that-we-can-literally-touch-you days, will know that the T-Boy Show will be a great addition to our TV guides.

London Live launches on 31 March on Freeview 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159, mobile, web, taxis and outdoor media.