Eastenders’ actor Ricky Norwood appeared on Capital XTRA host, Kojo’s show at the Hackney Empire last night and pretty much had women falling at his feet.


The 25-year-old looked dashing in a black suit over an on trend navy blue shirt and oozed confidence, showing us exactly why the ladies love Fatboy.

Ricky, who is half Kenyan, talked about the sort of women he goes for, also breaking down the type of women he stays away from:

One thing I don’t like is the WAG girls. Those that are looking for a man with money, I recognise you from a distance so those I avoid.

When asked how he recognises them, he replied that it has something to do with the earrings:

I don’t know, I think it has something to do with the earrings, they’re always hoops

Ricky then gave the audience a demonstration of the ‘girl with no money dance’. You know the one ladies… The talented actor, who dated Sugababe’s singer Jade Ewen, told the audience that it’s important his future missus has a kind heart.

I look for a girl that is beautiful in mind, body spirit and soul, I mean it’s hard to find, but if I was gonna have a wifey then that’s my wifey. One trait that my wife must have would have to be a kind heart. Someone that sees you for who you are and not who you’re trying to be for society, I tend to go for that. A bit like Jamelia you know.

What a charmer!


We also found out that Ricky’s a talented dancer, which he proved by breaking into some choreography to Montell Jordan’s This is How We Do it.

Ricky Norwood shows Kojo some dance moves

Ricky Norwood shows Kojo some dance moves


No one likes a show off: Ricky shows off the caterpillar move.

He was joined by Jamelia, before the show was closed by singer Tanika.


Ricky sings to Jamelia, while a jealous Kojo looks on

Ricky has played Fatboy for nearly four years and will be staying in Walford until next autumn.