If you’re thinking of a reason to break-up with your girlfriend who’s 70% drama, 30% fun , then the second episode of new reality show Clublife UK may aid your decision.


In the second episode, Moonlight comes back from a trip to Miami. And instead of mending the relationship with his girlfriend Zack, makes things worse by getting a lapdance from party girl LJ, while his girlfriend looks on.


Zack catches Moonlight with another girl

Now I’m not sure what you guys would rather prefer; a crying girlfriend who’s always asking about your ex? Or a fun loving girl who’s happy to give you a lapdance in a dimly lit studio?

lj-club life-uk-lapdance

LJ shows Moonlight her dance moves


It’s time for a decision! Linda is not happy with her boyfriend Nathan

It looks like Nathan will also be trying out the single life, after his girlfriend Linda gives him an ultimatum: “It’s me or the sexy, breasts-in-your-face, constantly-giving-you-massages stylist.

Can you guess who he picks?


Nimz cosies up to Nathan

And Mica, well she’s up to no good as usual, which is probably why we never see her with a man…

Moonlight's reaction as he realises he's been cockblocked by Mica

Moonlight’s face as he realises he’s been cockblocked by Mica

Watch the second episode below: