Evander Holyfield may need to issue another apology to the gay community, after reports of the former boxer donating money to an anti-gay preacher were exposed by The Sun.

The US star upset viewers last week, after he told Luisa that “being Gay aint normal” and compared being gay to having a handicap.


Although Evander apologised when he was evicted from the house, it’s now being claimed that he donated £10 Million to American pastor Reverend Creflo Dollar, who apparently preached that homosexuality is a curse and a sexual perversion.


When asked about Evander’s generous contribution, Dollar told the paper.

I’m as comfortable as I would be by someone whose tithe is five dollars.

Yeah, we would be comfortable if someone gave us £10 million too! Creflo Dollar Evander insisted that he is not a homophobe and explained that he was just sharing his views:

I kind of felt I was talking to one person and I was telling that person my view and my mind wasn’t thinking about the cameras. I do owe an apology for what I said because I really wasn’t trying to talk about somebody. So I am going to make an apology because I am sorry to anybody I’ve offended.