Evander Holyfield upset viewers and got himself into trouble, when he shared his view on homosexuality in the Celebrity Big Brother House. But the former World Champion boxer’s son has insisted that his father doesn’t judge people based on their sexuality.

The 51-year-old upset viewers during Sunday night’s episode of the Channel 5 reality show when he claimed that being gay is a “choice” and isn’t “normal”. He also compared being gay to being handicapped, a remark which led the show’s producers issuing him a warning.


But his son has defended him to American site TMZ, claiming that his dad isn’t a homophobe and explaining that he has gay uncle who Evander is friends with…

My dad is the most loving and caring person you will ever meet. He treats everyone like a human being – even if they are homosexual. I have a gay uncle and my dad treated him like a brother.

My dad feels that being gay is a choice and naturally that’s how things work. You cannot procreate and make a baby with two women, or two men. But at the same time, my dad is not going to judge someone for their sexual orientation.

Dappy was also scolded for talking about homosexuality in a negative way during a conversation with Jasmine Waltz. The actress asked Dappy if he had the ability to give himself a blow job and Dappy replied saying “do I look bent?”

When will these boys learn?