A video posted on Instagram of a young man with his head under a young woman’s dress, as she twerks on his face, has gone viral.

It’s unclear when or where the video was filmed, though it is believed that the incident took place on New Year’s Eve in London.


The clip shows a smartly dressed young man with his head underneath a a young woman’s dress while onlookers heckle him and film the sex act.

When the pair realised they were being filmed, the woman quickly got up leaving the confused man in a state of shock.

In another clip, the woman is seen running away, while the man’s friends shout at him, as he tries to explain himself.

Notice how the woman is wearing a bodycon dress with trainers, like she was prepared. She’s done this before. I mean, only a girl with zero class would team a tight dress with trainers, at a club.

A full clip on the incident has also been leaked, showing the man attempting to hold on to the woman, before she makes a quick dash into the street. A number of female voices can be heard speaking Ghanaian language Twi in the background.


A picture of the couple, before he ate her for dinner, is being passed around the net. The pair pose for a picture with drinks in their hands, in what looks like a bar.

Many people believe the man in the picture is a customer services assistant from east London and have posted his full name online. We have decided not to publish his name.

What a way to start 2014!