Ja Rule will be joining Fat Joe and Twista at this month’s Musicalize and we’re so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. We’ve been practising all of our Ja Rule moves and faces and even bought some of those Burberry bucket hats he loved to wear, so he can spot us in the crowd.

We hate it when we go to concerts and they don’t perform our songs, so here’s ten tracks we want to hear from Ja Rule at Musicalize. We hope he’s reading…

1. Between Me & You

When you hear that hip-hop oriental sound drop and you remember all the tens that were in the video. And the lyric: ‘Iftheyknewweweredoinwhatweweredoinit’dprobablyruinourcreepawaysummerinCancun’n-andIlove’

2. Thug Lovin’

Does any one else’s heart swell up when they hear this song? There’s so much passion in this track, particularly from Bobbi Brown, who was acting like he popped a molly or two…

3. New York

This is our only opportunity to throw on a NY Yankees hat and act like we’re some hood guys from NEW YORK!!

4. Wonderful

You can’t put R Kelly, Ashanti and Ja Rule on a track and expect it not to be a banger.

5. Mesmerize

Grease was reborn with the video to Ja Rule’s single Mesmerize. The track went platinum, peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Ashanti and Ja Rule’s fourth top ten hit as a duet.

6. Always on Time

This was when we realised we fancied Ja Rule and wanted to be Ashanti.

7. Holla Holla

This was the first song we heard from Ja Rule before he started featuring the whole of New York or one of his many first ladies on his tracks. He told us:

If you married, then get a divorce,
When I hits it, some women get twisted,
Have ’em twitchin’, like “damn look what the dick did

8. Put it On Me

What would I be without you?
(What would I be without you?)
I only think about you, yeah
(Oh, what you’re sayin’ is true)

9. Down Ass Bitch

Don’t you just love a ghetto love story.

10. Clap Back

Clap Back peaked at number 9 in the UK charts, and had a catchy beat that instantly got us dancing whenever it was played. It was produced by Scott Storch aka the guy who lost his multi million dollar fortune to cocaine.

Musicalize takes place on the 30 and 31 of January at the Indigo2. Tickets start at £20 and are on sale via the Ticket Sellers and AXS.