If you thought you’d stop hearing sex stories from the Humes couple now that it’s 2014, you were wrong. The JLS singer or former JLS singer I suppose, revealed that he plans to spend more time in the bedroom with his wife, as he wants more children.

I think in two years Rochelle and I will have another. I’ve always said I want to have a big family. Ideally, I’d like four kids.

Marvin became a dad for the first time in May after Rochelle gave birth to Alaia-Mai. The 28-year-old will be a co-presenter of the third series of The Voice UK, starting this month and he will also present The Vodafone Big Top 40, so he’ll have enough money coming in to take care of a family of six.

He added:

Marriage is beautiful. That’s why I didn’t mess about. We’re not getting any younger!