Dappy has just earned himself a new hater. A hater nobody would want to have, namely Katie Hopkins.


The controversial TV personality shared her views on Dappy during last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, saying:

Dappy is just revolting isn’t he? He’s such a child. I have a five year old son, he likes to play with his bits. I understand they’re quite new at the age of five, but whatever the hell age he is at, he should have gotten over it by now surely.

Katie obviously hasn’t seen the naked picture of Dappy

But she didn’t stop there! When presenter Emma Willis asked the former Apprentice contestant if she would have liked Dappy if he didn’t get his penis out, Katie made it clear that there was no way she would ever be a fan of the former N-Dubz rapper.

Yeah, I’m not one for short people. I don’t like short people, ginger people, fat people. Short people not a big fan, he’s short…


Dappy has been talking about the size of his third leg ever since he entered the house and even spent one night rubbing it against American housemate Jasmine Waltz when they shared a bed and slept together.

The pint sized star is up for eviction tonight, we don’t imagine Katie will be voting to keep him in.