It was only a few days ago that Dappy’s ex-girlfriend Kaye Vassell, 23, threatened to sell her story on him to the paper and as a woman of her word, she’s done just that and has run to the Sun to expose the rapper as a deadbeat dad.


Dappy responding to Kaye’s tweet that she’ll sell her story

Using her timing perfectly when the 26-year-old isn’t around to defend himself, Kaye told the newspaper that Dappy hadn’t seen his two sons for two whole months and didn’t bother get them any Christmas presents either:

He hasn’t seen them for two months.

He didn’t call at Christmas or send any presents. I found out that he claimed it was because he couldn’t fit all the presents in the car. But why not just bring a few presents? They boys just wanted their dad.

Same on New Year – no call before he went in the Big Brother house. It’s been hard.

Kaye has also been keeping up with Dappy’s antics in the Big Brother house, as she felt it was her duty to warn Jasmine from going any further with him:

I’d warn Jasmine to think twice before getting with Dappy. He’s fun and crazy to be around, but he has a dark side people should know about.

Unfortunately, Jasmine won’t know anything about this warning message unless she actually leaves, which might be too late…