The court at the trial into the acid attack against Naomi Oni heard that the suspect Mary Konye taunted Naomi with a picture of Freddy Krueger and nicknamed her “Wrong Turn” after the disfigured horror character.


Naomi Oni arriving at court

Konye, who allegedly threw sulphuric acid over her former friend over jealous feelings towards her good looks, changed her display picture to Freddy Krueger on her WhatsApp and updated her status to say, “Who looks like Wrong Turn now?”


Sulphuric acid was thrown over Naomi in December 2012 by an attacker disguised in an Islamic niqab. The attack caused Naomi to suffer burns and disfigurement her face and neck requiring a series of reconstructive surgeries.

The trial is currently underway at Snaresbrook Crown Court where Konye denies charges of throwing corrosive liquid with intent to main or cause grievous bodily harm.