Krept and Konan and their DJ Docta Cosmic outside the Bad Boy Entertainment Office

Krept and Konan are fast becoming one of the UK rap scene’s most exciting exports. And if you don’t believe me, just feast your eyes on all the fun the rap duo got up to on a recent trip to New York.


The south London rappers were flown out to New York on 14 January, where they met up with French Montana and were interviewed for Diddy’s Revolt TV.

French recorded a remix to Krept and Konan’s Don’t Waste My Time, which was released earlier this month, and thought it was only right that the boys went down to film a video on the roof of the Bad Boy Entertainment office. As you do.

They managed to find time to join the Coke Boys rapper at a strip club, where one can only imagine the type of debauchery that took place…


Krept and Konan also had an interview with Revolt TV, making them the first British artists to be interviewed on the channel.


And as if we weren’t amazed enough, Krept also met Morgan Freeman aka the guy who plays God in everything. Well a statue of Morgan anyway.

We just hope Chipmunk isn’t reading all of this. We know how he gets jealous