levi roots

Levi Root’s, the man behind Reggae Reggae sauce, has been accused by two of his daughters, as a father who exploited and took advantage of his children, later cutting them out of his life.


The women claim Levi has never paid child support and revealed to the Daily Mail how four of his eight children are on benefits while another is homeless.

33-year-old Joanne Caesar explained how she helped her father develop the popular sauce and also provided backing vocals on a song that was used in an advert for the brand. Despite all of this, she says her father has effectively disowned her, giving her no access to his £30million fortune. She added that he had ‘exploited’ her by making her work for him without payment.

Another daughter, 32-year-old Sharlene Williams, claims she was also exploited and worked at Levi’s shop in Clapham Junction without receiving wages.

The women described their father as extremely tight, basically saying they had been forced to claim benefits and live like peasants while he enjoys a lifestyle of umm expensive sofas…

He’s incredibly tight, the biggest thing he’s has bought has been a sofa for £300

Levi Roots found fame in 2007 after promoting his sauce on Dragon’s Den and gained £50,000 in investment from Peter Jones. The company has gone on to achieve nationwide success, making the 55-year-old a multi-millionaire.

Sharlene and Joanne didn’t say they want his money, they just want him to remember who he was before Reggae Reggae sauce became a household name.

After Dragons’ Den, we stopped hearing from him. He let the money and the fame and fortune get to him and his ego got the better of him. He cut all of his children off because he said that we were all after his money. I just want him to remember who he was before he became Mr Reggae Reggae Sauce man because he was a nice man.

The entrepreneur has eight children by seven different women and lives in a two bedroom council flat in Brixton that he has rented for twenty years.