Lily Allen reportedly turn down a £118 Million payout, in a decision she will be regretting for the rest of her life.

The singer was asked to perform on the website Second Life, five years ago and would have been paid in the virtual currency Bitcoin. But as Bitcoin wasn’t as cool back then as it is now, the Hard out Here singer, turned down the offer.

On Sunday, she tweeted:

Five years ago the payment would have been a few hundred pounds as the new currency had just been launched and was only worth fractions of a penny.

Fast forward to the future and Bitcoins have soared in value. Today they are reportedly around £590 each, meaning a fee of 200,000 BTC would be worth £118m to the singer. That’s almost 20 times her reported £6M worth.

Lily will be doing 16 weeks of live shows, including Glastonbury and will even give her fans a tour this year.

I mean she won’t be making £118 million, but she’ll be able to buy herself some Prada bags with Glastonbury money right?