M.I.A took to Twitter on Tuesday, to reveal that she has left Roc Nation.

Her announcement shocked many of her fans. Not only because she had made it on Twitter, but because she was leaving the Roc Nation. The same label that has catapulted Rihanna and Rita Ora to fame.

The 38-year-old has only been with Jay Z’s label since May last year, so we can only imagine things weren’t going too well.

In July Roc Nation pulled a leaked teaser video, for a documentary that was set to accompany the rapper’s upcoming fourth album, Matangi, prompting the director to quit the project.

M.I.A wasn’t too happy with the decision and told her fans that she had been blacklisted from releasing the film.

Without the label it looks like the Paper Planes star has had to do her own dirty work and started recruiting people to work for her on Twitter.

Despite her announcement, M.I.A still appears on the label’s website.