A London MP has called for the investigation into 19-year-old Tyrell Matthews-Burton’s fatal stabbing in Malia last summer to be taken over by the Metropolitan Police after concerns that the Greek authorities were not handling it properly.


Labour MP Heidi Alexander has voiced her concerns over their methods, pointing out that they returned the victim’s clothes to his family – something she dubbed as inappropriate.

I am at a loss to understand why this clothing would not be retained in Greece as evidence and I am concerned that this suggests the Greek authorities may be failing to deal with this matter appropriately.

However, the Metropolitan have responded that they can only take on the investigation if the Greek authorities give them an official request.

Tyrell was stabbed in July of last year after getting involved in a brawl which consisted of about 30 British tourists outside a popular Malia nightclub.

Myles Litchmore-Dunbar, 19, has since been charged with his murder and is currently locked up at the Greece town whilst he awaits trial.