A friend of Mary Konye, who stands trial on suspicion of throwing acid over 21-year-old Naomi Oni, gave evidence in court claiming that Konye asked her Muslim university classmates where she could buy a niqab, pretending she needed to go to a funeral of a Muslim relative.

Omolola Vincent, 20, told Snaresbrook Crown Court that Konye told her that she would ruin Naomi’s looks with acid that she bought over the internet.

She said she was going to throw acid on her. She told me she had acid. She bought it online.

It was also claimed that Konye, who has admitted to being the veiled woman following Naomi Oni home seen on CCTV, asked chemistry student Omolola if there was available acid at the university’s facilities and told her that she had bought some online:

She told me she had acid. She said she bought it online. She said the acid was in her house.

It was one of those dodgy websites. It was dodgy countries like Chinese type of places. When she was saying it she was kind of laughing it off so it wasn’t really taken serious.

Even when she was saying she had acid, she was saying it in not a serious way so we didn’t take her seriously.

However, Omolola’s suspicions were raised when she posted a picture of Freddy Krueger online with the accompanying message, “That’s what you’re going to look like when I’m finished with you.”

Omolola then questioned the suspect asking her if she had carried out the attack with Konye replying that even if she did, she wouldn’t tell anyone about it.

Naomi Oni, 21, was walking home from her workplace in Stratford Westfield’s Victoria Secret when the veiled attacker, who had followed her for the whole journey, threw sulphuric acid on her. She suffered burns and nearly lost the sight in both of her eyes.

The trial continues.