Naomi Oni

The jury at Snaresbrook Court at the case of the acid attack against Naomi Oni in December 2012 heard that the suspect Mary Konye, lied about her reason for also being in Stratford on the day.

21-year-old Konye, who denies all charges, claimed that she happened to be in the same area as the victim because she was working a shift at Stratford Westfield store Forever 21 on the day that someone threw sulphuric acid over Naomi.

However, the court heard that she lied about having a shift there that day.

In December 2012, a woman wearing a niqab followed Naomi home from work at Victoria’s Secret in Stratford and threw acid over 21-year-old, causing the sales assistant to suffer burns to her face.

Since the trial has begun, Konye has admitted to being the veiled woman who followed Naomi from her place of work. The trial continues.