Mike and his girlfriend in happier times

It looks like things may get a little bit lonely for Mike GLC, as he is rumoured to have broken up with his 21-year-old girlfriend.


It’s unclear how long the two have been dating, but tweets from her account suggest they were an item throughout summer last year. What is clear, is that things are definitely not OK between the couple and it may have something to do with a video Mike leaked today.


The north London rapper uploaded a video onto his Facebook page of a girl, who bears similarity to his ex-girlfriend, twerking in her underwear. He captioned the video “nara north London’s finest”.

Pappzd spoke to a woman called Narmina on Twitter, who confirmed that the pair were dating on 24 December. But things seemed to have turned sour as the pretty brunette has deleted all the images of them together on the social media site, as well as tweets talking about how much she missed him.


Mike has also deleted all recent mentions of his ex from his Twitter page.

Narmina has starred in some music videos, including a clip from rapper Cashtastic and is also studying at university.

After the video was posted on Facebook, Narmina sent out messages from her Twitter account, which appeared to be in response to Mike’s actions.

mike-glc-girlfriend-break-up mike-glc-girlfriend-split-up mike-glc-girl-nara

Oh dear. We think Mike better rekindle this relationship before his court hearing, or we might just be listening to a Letter To My Girlfriend Part 2…

Mike GLC will be appearing at Southwark Crown Court, alongside Tulisa, on 9 January facing drug charges.

Pappzd have contacted both parties for a response.