Kanya King made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for when she appeared at the Kojo Show on Saturday night, promising that the MOBO Awards would be returning to London some time in the future.


And although she didn’t give us a date, the MBE honours holder said there was never any doubt that it would return.

The MOBOs will be coming back. We’ve always said it would come back to London. We just don’t know when. We’ve got to find the right venue.


Kanya told Kojo how her friends were sceptical about the show moving out of London in 2009, with some telling her it wouldn’t work.

When I told my friends I was moving the show to Glasgow, they were like “good luck with that girl, who’s going to go all the way to Glasgow?”

Even the BBC were unsure about it, so it was quite hard trying to make people understand that it was a smart move. In the end it was a success and all the people that were saying they wouldn’t come down to Liverpool and Glasgow were there!

The annual award show had taken place in London up until 2009, when it moved to Glasgow.

MOBO Awards Timeline

  • 1996 – London Connaught Rooms
  • 1997  – London Connaught Rooms
  • 1998 – London Royal Albert Hall
  • 1999 – London Royal Albert Hall
  • 2000 – Alexandra Palace
  • 2001 – London Arena
  • 2002 – London Arena
  • 2003 – London Royal Albert Hall
  • 2004 – London Royal Albert Hall
  • 2005 – London Royal Albert Hall
  • 2006 – London Royal Albert Hall
  • 2007 – O2 Arena
  • 2008 – Wembley Arena
  • 2009 – Glasgow SECC
  • 2010 – Liverpool Echo Arena
  • 2011 – Glasgow SECC
  • 2012 – Liverpool Echo Arena
  • 2013 – Glasgow Hydro Arena

What a massive growth. We reckon they should subtitle it Return of the King when it comes back to London and hope that they manage to fill the o2 Arena again. Fingers crossed.