You know when you get your car back from the garage and something totally different goes wrong with it straight after, and the garage always denies it had anything to do with their sabotage work?

Well, a west London student was left angry and upset, after his cherished Mercedes was damaged at a garage when the ramp broke, causing the vehicle to hit the ground.

The 21-year-old, who we’re calling John (not his real name), had taken his Mercedes car to the garage in west London to get an MOT, but clearly the ramp had other ideas.

Shortly after he had dropped off his car, John’s dad got a call informing him that they would need to pop down to the garage.

My dad got a call from them and they said the ramp was stuck and wanted us to pop down.

When we got there, the car was in the position that you can see in the photo. I was shocked and so were the people that worked there to be honest. They said, nothing like this has ever happened to them.


Has anyone else noticed the sign in the background? How ironic.

John’s insurance company have assured him that the garage will pay for their sins. But it doesn’t dismiss the fact that his Mercedes was left in a position in which no one ever wants to see their car.

 My insurance company got in contact with me because an alert was sent to them when the car dropped.

The insurance company installed a tracker inside my car so the impact must have alerted them. They said that the garage is liable for any damages.

This was the second time John had visited the garage (probably the last), and for now his car remains in the shop as the ramp is still broken and the vehicle cannot be moved. He was told it was not safe to see the front of the car as it was unstable.

John expects the garage to fix any damages there might be, so he can get his Merc back before he heads off to university.

And of course he doesn’t expect to pay for his MOT, because it would just be criminal to charge him right?