Fat Joe and Ja Rule BEFORE they were told their VISA’s hadn’t come through

This month’s Musicalize show featuring Ja Rule, Fat Joe and Twista at London’s Indigo2 has been been cancelled.

The event was due to take place this Thursday 30 and Friday 31 January, but today fans of the show were told it would not go on. The reason? Visa issues.

Ja Rule and Fat Joe were unable to secure work visas in time to make the flights to London, leaving many fans distraught.

A statement from Musicalize read:

We have had to make the difficult decision of cancelling the shows on Thursday 30th January & Friday 31st January at Indigo2 as Ja Rule and Fat Joe have been unable to secure the required work visas in time to make the flights to London.

At this time Ja Rule and Fat Joe have not been denied work visas but the applications are caught up in the system and will not be processed in time for the artists to appear in concert.

It is our hope that sometime in the near future, these artists will be able to make the trip to London to perform for their audience.

The rappers’ applications for visas may have been made more difficult by the fact that they (Ja Rule and Fat Joe) have criminal records. There were no problems with Twista’s application as far as we know.

Ja Rule pleaded guilty in 2011 after failing to file tax returns over a five year period and attempted criminal possession of a weapon in 2010. He was sentenced to 28 months in prison and released on 7 May, 2013.

And Fat Joe served a four-month sentence for tax evasion after failing to pay taxes on more than $1million of income in 2007 and in 2008. The statement from Musicalize, suggests there were no issues with Twista.

Unsurprisingly fans were angry, annoyed and upset, with many taking to Twitter to vent.

The Musicalize organisers expressed their disappointment, apologised to their fans and promised that refunds would be issued.

We are personally disappointed as in nearly 3 years of running live music events we have never been in this situation before and despite doing everything in our power to bring this amazing event to London, the process and outcome are completely out of our control.

All tickets can be fully refunded and once again we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Tis a shame. We had our outfits sorted and everything!