At the end of this month, Fat Joe will be taking to the stage at the Musicalize concert along with Twista and Ja Rule. And just to remind the audience of why they love the New York rapper so much, I’ve come up with six songs that I’m hoping (with fingers crossed and everything) that he’ll perform on the night.

Lean Back

This is like Terror Squad’s theme tune isn’t it? Regardless it’s everyone’s favourite Fat Joe song and to be honest, I can’t wait to do the dance with the big man himself. I even still hear the song in clubs today like it just came out. I just hope Fat Joe is willing to do everyone else’s verse too so that I can listen to the song in full.

Make It Rain

There was a time when Lil Wayne was that barely known rapper with dreads, and this was when Fat Joe took the opportunity to get the rising artist on his song Make It Rain. With Wayne’s unique voice, the catchy chorus and bassy beat, we were all trying to Make It Rain on some hoes along with Fat Joe.

What’s Luv? ft Ashanti

Back in the days when Murder Inc ruled the Hip-Hop and R&B scene, Fat Joe hooked up with the collective and What’s Luv? was born. Featuring Murder Inc’s first lady, Ashanti, and showing off Joe’s softer and more romantic side, this song dominated 2002.

We Thuggin’ ft R. Kelly

At a time when R. Kelly was the man that everyone wanted singing the chorus in their songs, Fat Joe came out with this typical 90’s track complete with a Diddy-esque video of the two of them wearing massive gangsta style blue fur coats. What’s not to love?

New York

Fat Joe featured on this Ja Rule track, and seeing as they’re going to be in the same venue at the same time, they might as well make full use of the opportunity to perform one of the biggest songs they have together. It would be a waste not to…

I Shot Ya Remix

Okay, so again, it’s not one of Fat Joe’s own songs it’s LL Cool J’s but with Foxy Brown, Prodigy and Keith Murray all teaming up for the remix, it was a track that featured a lot of Hip-Hop heavies and we’d love to relive Fat Joe’s verse on that one. Live.

Have I left out any important ones? Hmmm….