The trial into the sulphuric acid attack on 21-year-old Naomi Oni begun today, with the victim’s old school friend Mary Konye, also 21, standing trial for the offence.

Naomi was attacked as she made her way home on 30 December from a shift at Victoria’s Secret in Westfield Stratford, where she worked as a sales assistant. The veiled assailant threw the harmful acid over Naomi, causing serious burns to her face and neck.

The jury at the Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Konye, who has been a close friend of Naomi since a secondary school threw the acid over her as she was jealous of her good looks.

Claiming that Naomi was deeply moved by the story of Katie Piper who was disfigured in an acid attack by her ex-boyfriend, Konye became inspired by the incident and followed Naomi as she made her way home from Stratford disguised in a niqab.

Prosecutor Gareth Patterson told the court that Konye had threatened to attack Naomi in such a manner in a row the two had previously had.

She described the victim as being very attractive and said she believed the victim had wanted to work in make-up. 

She said they had had quite a few fallings out, including one very big one, however she said she did not remember ever saying she was going to attack Naomi with acid. 

She denied being in any way jealous of the victim’s looks.

She agreed that she and the victim had previously spoken about the acid attack on Katie Piper.

Konye denies the charges against her. The trial will continue tomorrow.