Naomi Oni arriving in court today

Naomi Oni has had to deny pouring acid over herself after the defence for suspect Mary Konye claimed that the 21-year-old had disfigured herself in a bid to gain fame and fortune.

After it was claimed in court that Naomi was obsessed with the case of Katie Piper and plastic surgery, defence lawyer Sally O’Neill QC stated that Naomi enlisted Konye to follow her around in a veil before she poured the acid on herself so it would look like a random attack.

Sally O’Neill then went on to probe Naomi who was in the witness box, suggesting that she hoped the fame and media attention would give her a career boost so she could go on to open her on make up store.

Naomi denied all claims saying, “I’m not such a desperate person. I wouldn’t do such a thing. I’m not crazy.”

Konye, however, has admitted to being the veiled woman seen in CCTV images but denies being the one who threw acid over Naomi.

The two had a falling out over Konye sending text messages to Naomi’s boyfriend but later patched up their rocky friendship. In the days after the attack, an exchange of texts were sent between the two where Naomi wished she were ugly instead of being disfigured and Konye reassured her that she wouldn’t look like that forever.

The text messages read:

Naomi Oni: I even wish I was ugly. I’d prefer that to looking like this.

Mary Konye: KMT (Kiss my teeth). Allow. Don’t worry. You’re not going to look like that forever.

Naomi Oni: I can’t even wish this on my enemy.

Naomi Oni suffered burns on 30 December 2012, after a veiled attacker followed her home from her workplace in Westfield Stratford City and threw sulphuric acid over her.

Mary Konye stands accused for the attack and denies all charges.

The case continues.