A video has been uploaded showing just how bad the London Underground can get when it stays open after hours and travel is free.


The clip shows two men fighting and one woman being attacked, while some onlookers shout “fight, fight”.

The incident happened at Old Street station on the Northern Line on New Year’s Day.


The trouble started when an argument broke out in the doorway of a carriage. A man is seen being pulled off the train by his shirt as a redhead pleads with those fighting to stop.

Officers from the British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police attended the scene, which was reported to at 3.40 am.


The cameraman, who wished to remain anonymous despite his full name being added as the watermark for the Vine account where he uploaded the videos, compared the incident to the Summer riots of 2011.

It reminded me of the London riots. People were chanting, ‘Fight, fight, fight!’. We were waiting for about half an hour for the train to go because the driver just wouldn’t move with what was going on.

There were quite a few people involved – both girls and guys fighting. I left when it started to get bloody and manic – everyone was screaming and shouting.

Five male French nationals aged between 20 and 26 have been arrested in connection with the incident and bailed until Thursday, 6 March pending further enquiries.