Plan B has revealed that he has a daughter, who he’s been hiding from us, after his girlfriend gave birth last year.

He selfishly decided not to share the good news with us, and is set on keeping the identity of his girlfriend a secret. The 30-year-old told The Sun:

My girlfriend and I had a baby girl last year. Mother and daughter are both fit and well and I’m a proud and happy father.

We’re not sure why the 30-year-old chose to keep the news a secret. Maybe it’s because the baby was unplanned? Or is it the fact that he told the world he had no ambitions to have kids in an old interview? Who knows. We just want to see how cute the baby is.

Plan B has been very open about his thoughts on relationships in the past. In 2012 he explained that that ultimately music comes before any potential partner.

I’m married to my career. If I had a girlfriend I’d be cheating on my wife.

We’re sure his current girlfriend understands…

The Ill Manors star has been in the studio working on his next album, which he promises will not be all soft and flowery because he’s a dad now.