Riot police in London are today preparing for violence in the city, after a jury ruled that Mark Duggan was lawfully shot dead by armed officers on 8 January.


Mark Duggan was shot by police on 4 August 2011. His death sparked an outbreak of rioting and looting across the country.

Last night a crowd of Mark’s supporters headed to Tottenham’s Police Station to show their anger at the jury’s verdict. The station was the same location where, on 6 August 2011, a riot started after about 120 people marched from the Broadwater Farm estate to Tottenham Police Station via the High Road.


Despite the police’s fears, Mark’s aunt Carole has asked that London citizens stay calm, calling for no more demonstrations and no more violence.

No more demonstrations, no more violence. We will have to fight this, go through the struggle, peacefully through the right channels, to get justice for as long as it take.’We are in turmoil. We don’t really know what’s going to happen at this point. There will be something further down the line, I’m sure.


Scenes from 2011’s riot

Many of Tottenham’s residents believe that the jury’s verdict will lead to another riot. 57-year-old Pat David told the Independent that Mark’s family are in control of how the community will react.

It all depends now on how the Duggan family react. If they react, the community is going to react.

Another woman Yvette, who has has lived in Tottenham for a decade said:

The verdict’s really sad. I’m disappointed in the police. They are not protecting the community. Watch this space – I think there is going to be a reaction.

Hundreds of officers will be on standby throughout this week.