Awkward: Both ladies wore all white outfits to the party

Even though Rihanna and Rita Ora are both labelmates at Roc Nation, are both besties with Cara Delevingne and could even pass for twins at times, it seems nothing will make the Bajan star friends with Rita as the singer reportedly blanked her outright at the RocNation pre-Grammy Awards party.

A source told the Sun that Rihanna treated Rita Ora like wallpaper and refused to acknowledge her presence at the party, but did have a lengthy conversation with Rita’s boyfriend Calvin Harris – who produced Rihanna’s hit 2011 We Found Love.

Rita and Rihanna were at the same parties all weekend.

Rihanna deliberately kept her distance. She talked with Calvin at length but didn’t acknowledge Rita. It was awkward because they have the same management team and move in exactly the same circles.

Ouch. I guess Rihanna just likes to keep it real and isn’t down for fake smiles. Even if you are standing right in her face.

This isn’t the first rumour of a feud between the two singers as Rita – who seemed to style herself on Rihanna when she first came out – reportedly pissed Rihanna off by wearing her hand-me-downs and auditioning for the same Fast and Furious 6 role, and getting it.

They say imitation is a form of flattery, but maybe Ri-Ri doesn’t see it that way!