Rita Ora is set to move in with boyfriend Calvin Harris after the 29-year-old DJ asked the singer to take their relationship to the next step over the Christmas period.

After taking some time to think about it, Rita has told him yes – a decision which may have been made easier by the fact that he lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills and Rita might be looking for somewhere new after she was recently kicked out of her west London flat.

The couple’s decision also comes after a rocky few weeks, in which their schedules clashed putting strain on their relationship.

A source told the Daily Star:

It’s no secret that there were times last year that they struggled.

It isn’t easy for any new couple to spend weeks at a time away from each other. Over Christmas Calvin asked Rita to move into his LA home full time so their work commitments don’t lead to a break up.

He believes they can make their relationship last if they both fully commit to it.

Calvin was reportedly delighted when Rita agreed to move in with him, and if our predictions are right, it could just be the beginning of the Calvin and Rita love story.