Heidi Range has revealed that the Sugababes may decide to get back together in the future.

Now, we’re not too sure if Heidi checked with the other girls before she made this statement, but after all the drama the girl group have been through, we doubt a return will be the best idea.

The 30-year-old told the Metro that as the band aren’t officially over, there will be no official announcement regarding the end of the Sugababes:

I don’t think there needs to be an announcement. It’s no big deal. We haven’t released anything for a few years and don’t have any plans to. Maybe one day we’ll fancy doing something. Maybe we won’t.

The latter would be a good idea…

Heidi is currently starring in a musical called Happy Days and Jade has also taken to the stage and will be touring with Rod Stewart’s musical Tonight’s the Night this year. Amelle and Jade are additionally working on solo careers.

Last year Jade Ewen claimed the group had ended two years ago, adding that she didn’t feel comfortable lying. Which was good, because we weren’t comfortable with listening to lies upon lies.

mks might take sugababes name back

The original Sugababes, or MKS as we’ve been forced to call them, released their debut single Flatline last year which only peaked at number 50 in the UK charts.