An 18-year-old student killed herself by stepping in front of a van, after being dumped by her boyfriend.

Lena Begum wandered around the M65 for two hours, waiting for a vehicle to hit her, before the van, travelling at almost 60mph, smashed into her.

Lena, from Lancashire, had met her boyfriend Quzlam Ahmed in October 2012 and became obsessed with him. A friend of Lena’s, Taslena Alam, told the court how the teen was ‘mentally obsessed’ and ‘crazy’ about Quzlam, and had even cut his nickname ‘Kammy’ into her arm.

After Mr Ahmed hit her on her 18th birthday and told her he no longer wanted a relationship, Lena threatened to self-harm, claiming she was ‘not afraid of dying’ and that ‘death held no fear for her’.

Lena had been at the home of a friend on the night she commit suicide on April 10 last year, before heading to a shisha bar. She asked to be dropped off on a road near the motorway and was dead a few hours later.

At 2.05 am she posted messages to Facebook and Twitter, thanking her family and friends for being there for her and told them how much she loved them. She also asked that they remember her.


While she wandered on the M65, Lena spoke to her ex-boyfriend twice and told him she ‘didn’t want to live any more’, saying if he ‘didn’t want to be with her, she didn’t want to be here’.

The coroner recorded a verdict of suicide.