A teenager almost kicked his ex-girlfriend to death after she ridiculed the size of his penis.

Callan Redshaw, from Hartlepool, kicked Kirsty Robinson and jumped on her head repeatedly, leaving her with serious injuries after they argued outside a pub.

It is believed the incident began as a row over maintenance payments and escalated after the insult.  The court heard how Kirsty, who is the mother of Callan’s daughter, said:

You can give me a fucking baby, but you can’t pay for the keep of her. You’ve got a little penis, I don’t know how you managed.

The insult made the 19-year-old teen so mad that he kicked her ‘like a footballer taking a penalty’. Kirsty was left lying motionless on the ground after the vicious attack. Sue Jacobs, prosecuting, said:

He started to kick her by running up like a footballer taking a penalty, taking his leg right back and really booting her. They were the witness’s words. He did this about four or five times in her back. She described the victim as being like a rag doll, and said it looked like she was unconscious. Then she said he stamped on her head. His left foot was coming off the floor to put his full weight on his right foot, and she said her head was bouncing.After that he walked away. The girl was still lying there, not moving.

After the attack, an injured Kirsty was taken to hospital where a CT scan confirmed she had a fractured skull and cheekbone and some bleeding in her brain.

Callan has been jailed for five years.