Dappy came 2nd place, after Jim Davidson won Celebrity Big Brother

Yesterday was the final of Celebrity Big Brother, and all the contestant’s friends and family made the trip to the Elstree studios to show some support.


With Dappy favourite to win, it was no surprise that his former bandmate Tulisa would be in the crowd. What was surprising though, were the swollen-looking pieces of flesh attached to her face.

Believe it or not the two people in this picture are both Tulisa

Believe it or not, the two people in this picture are both Tulisa

Tulisa has undergone a dramatic change over the past few months, and showed off the consequences of a lip filler too many on Wednesday night.


The 25-year-old cheered Dappy on from the stands, with her PA Gareth Varey by her side. Tulisa appeared to be in good spirits, despite having drug charges hanging over her head.


Although the Young singer hasn’t confirmed that she’s had work done on her lips, she hasn’t denied it either. So we’re just going to have to wait until she’s snapped one day looking like Jackie Stallone and can no longer deny that her face has changed.