If you can’t be yourself, be Tulisa right?


A 19-year-old woman called Millie thought it would be cool to copy disgraced X factor judge Tulisa, by getting ‘The Female Boss’ tattooed on her arm. It wasn’t cool, and a bad idea turned into an awful one, when the tattoo artist misspelt the word female.


The tattoo should have read ‘The female Boss’, but instead the tattoo artist inked the word ‘feamale’, with an extra ‘a’ onto Millie’s arm, despite having the correct spelling in front of him.

I was mortified. When I was having it done, I looked away because I was in so much pain. He told me he was dyslexic and I spelled it right for him but he still spelt it wrong on my arm!

Although she was embarrassed by the whole ordeal, the pretty blonde decided to share her story with the world in TLC documentary Extreme Beauty Disasters. Millie was forced to seek professional help ( and possibly free treatment) to get rid of the artwork.


She even tried to blame the tattoo fail on Tulisa, telling her mum that the N-Dubz singer spelt it incorrectly and she was just copying her. Ultimately she was given the choice to get the ink removed with lasers, or cover the tattoo with another one. She chose the latter. And is now walking around with a massive quill on her arm.

Moral of the day: Just be yourself