There’s only a few days left until Twista heads to the UK to perform at Musicalize alongside Ja Rule and Fat Joe.
We thought he might be struggling to think of a set list, so we’ve done all the hard work for him.

You can thank us later Twista!

1. Overnight Celebrity

With Miri Ben-Ari on strings, Kanye West on the beat and a sample of Lenny Williams’ song Cause I Love You, Overnight Celebrity was a recipe for a hit track.

2. Hope

You have no heart if you failed to shed a tear whenever you heard this song.

3. Adrenaline Rush

“like when a motherfucker have to go pick up the pump
to make his opposition chest kick up and jump
when you lit up the gun to make your body get up and uhh
That’s your adrenaline rush”

4. Mr Tung Twista

I mean, we don’t know what the feck is being said, but we’re uber amazed by how fast he is.

5. Get it Wet

Classic Chi-town baby!

6. Slow Jamz

Easily one of the best songs of 2003, featuring Kanye pre-Kardashian.

“Damn baby, I can’t do it that fast but I know somebody who can”

7. Wetter

Because getting it wet just wasn’t enough.

8. So Sexy Part II

So Sexy Part II featured R Kelly. The first one featured R.Kelly too. We’re not sure why there was even a part 2, but you know how R Kelly is with his chapters…

9. Girl Tonite

This one was definitely on everyone’s ‘songs I want to lose my virginity to’ list.

10. Sunshine

One of the few Twista songs we wouldn’t get embarrassed by, if our parents caught us listening to it. Well the chorus anyway…

Musicalize takes place on 30 and 31 January at Indigo2. Tickets start at £20 and are on sale via the Ticket Sellers and AXS.